How It Works

With ShadowClub, you receive a monthly consultation with an industry leader working the day-to-day in your fields of interest and exclusive job opportunities.
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Apply in less than 3 mins on the Apply page. We prioritize female and BIPOC applicants. We place extra attention on applications with a referral.

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Upon acceptance, Shadowers pay a monthly commitment fee to cover overhead costs and browse the menu of hundreds of Shadowclub Experts. If you would like to know what experts you’d be able to talk to in your field, email

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ShadowClub grants you private 1-on-1 monthly access to expert-level industry leaders and exclusive job opportunities.


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For ShadowClub Experts

How do I become a ShadowClub Expert?

Currently, Shadowclub Experts are invite only. However, if you are interested, please email

What should I expect from a ShadowClub call, and what is requested of me?

When booking a consultation, your Shadower will fill in a form telling what they want to discuss, so that you’re not caught off guard. Otherwise, be on a call on time, be helpful, and be you!

Are ShadowClub calls recorded?

Yes. All Shadowclub calls are automatically recorded for safety reasons and according to our Privacy Policy. If a call was not disputed within 48 hours, recordings get automatically deleted, and are never viewed by a human.


Can we refer other Shadowers to apply?

If you know a young creative leader you would like to refer to the community, please have him or her put your name on his or her application as a referral.

How do I get in touch?

Please email for any questions about how to use the platform. We’re here to help you!
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What do I get with my membership?

Shadowers get access to everything Shadowclub to offer. The core of membership is the guaranteed 30 minute monthly consultation with an industry leader you are matched with based on your preferences.

What is ShadowClub and how does it work?

ShadowClub is a private professional network connecting Shadowers, top students and recent graduates, to ShadowClub Experts, creative industry leaders.

What if I cannot make it to the 1:1 conversation?

We get it, plans change. If you cannot make it to the call, you can either reschedule it, or cancel all together. You can find detailed instructions in your confirmation emails from ShadowClub. Make sure that you do either of the above. We respect everybody’s time and there will be a penalty for no-shows.

I know someone who should become a ShadowClub Expert. What do I do?

We’re so glad you asked! We love referrals! They can apply to become a Shadowclub Expert by emailing their resume or short bio to or apply at

Which topics are covered in the monthly 1:1 converation?

When booking a call, you will fill out a form telling your Shadowclub Expert what you want to discuss, so that they're not caught off guard. The most impactful calls are ones where the Shadower does their research. The purpose of the 1:1 conversation is for the Shadower to learn as much as possible and receive guidance on achieving your creative pursuits.


How do I apply?

Membership applications are accepted on the Apply page. If our mission speaks to you or a creator you know, we invite you to apply. We place extra attention on applications with a referral.

How do I know if I’ve been accepted or not?

Shadowclub responds to applications as quickly as we can. We reserve the right to deny or wait-list any application. Some of the things we look for in applications are well-written and thoughtful responses, expertise in a particular field, exceptional prior work experiences, entrepreneurship, and unique expressions of creativity.